My Crush with Eyeliner

I am smitten
I’m the real thing (I’m the real thing)
Have you seen her come around?
My crush with eyeliner

If I had to say that I had a crush on anything right now, it would be with eyeliner. Maybe not a crush, but a deep, deep intense like. More than a Facebook like, even.

Eyeliner seems to be kind of like the nail art craze of the past few months (that shows no sign of abating!) in that all forms of eyeliner are experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. No longer limited to those of us with a non-shaky hand and lots of patience, dare I say, eyeliner is becoming more accessible?

Winter 2012 has started for me and this term I’m taking two business classes and another psychology class. I wish that I could say that I knew of the definite path that I was on, but I’m doing my best to finish this AAS degree. That’s all I know for sure. In the meantime, I keep thinking about eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner!!

This tutorial from Jane Marie of The Hairpin was a revelation a couple of months ago and I continually defer to it when doing cat-eye liner. You should try it! It’s kind of fun, getting the tape out. My hands aren’t the steadiest when it comes to my OWN makeup, but I’m quite still when doing makeup for other people. Now tell me how that works?

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

The following products are in my daily repertoire:



This post would be remiss if I didn’t include this product. It’s in my hall of fame and I might have to get another one soon as I’m almost out. Behold, MAC Cosmetics’ Fluidline in the shade Blacktrack.

I use my pot liners with the following brushes:

MAC Cosmetics’ 263 small angle brush (which is also wonderful with eyebrows) (on a side note, this brush is so popular with me as I have lost 4 of them and had 2 stolen from me. Egads!)

Sonia Kashuk’s synthetic precision eyeliner brush

We’ll talk about other techniques later, but I will leave you with the inspiration for the title of this post and the lyrics quoted at the beginning.

REM’s Crush with Eyeliner


  1. Haha nice ending!

  2. It’s funny, I just started recently getting the hang of eyeliner (in pencil form) a few months ago and absolutely love it! It took a bit of patience, but I finally have gotten it down enough to where I can do it everyday in about a couple minutes flat. I used to be so intimidated by it. I’m still trying to get the outside swoop for cats eyes down better, but I’m excited to even have gotten this far! The one I have now is from when Ulta was getting rid of Bourjois (yes I’ve had it that long, haha) and I love how it doesn’t smudge. I’ll have to grab the Urban one when I run out. :)

    • Isn’t it funny how practice makes you less intimidated? It’s that way at beauty school, too. :)

      Hey, as long as you haven’t had an eye infection, most stuff is still fair game to use! I didn’t mind that Bourjois one at all. I never had good luck with their mascara, although I know Karina used to swear by it. You know, I half considered applying for the Ulta here as it’s so close, but I went in and they were just so utterly clueless during Black Friday. *I* actually sold some woman Dermalogica while we were waiting in line, it was kind of hilarious, to me at least.

  3. Dear Mistress Makeup,

    I want to duplicate Gaga’s Born This Way eye makeup to get my goth on tomorrow night. I plan a trip to Sephora today. What product do you recommend?

    Goth This Way

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