I’ve been back on Pinterest these days since the app decided to work again on my phone.

Many evenings when the baby doesn’t let me sleep through the night, you’ll see the glow of my screen as I find all sorts of goodies to “pin” onto my virtual boards.

I’ll confess that I am a serial collage-er, which requires space and lots of cutting up magazines and anything else that tickles my fancy. Pinterest allows me to keep doing this without the mess. Imagine that! Plus, I have found so many amazing items of visual inspiration and most especially, makeup ideas that I want to try out. I’ve also discovered some products that need to be investigated.

Exhibit A:

NYX’s “Butt” Naked Eyes palette. The only thing is, um, butt naked? Really? However, if I can forgive NYX for their disastrous sale fiasco from last year, then maybe I can forgive them for the weird and really creepy name of this palette, too. I don’t want my eyes to look like “butt”!!

I love the internet as one of my favorite things to do is go on a link hunt once I find something of interest. I found Glam Trotter’s in depth review and swatches of this palette.

I’ve been looking for a great neutral palette, but one that won’t break the bank. There have been some recent offerings from the big names, but I’ve been transitioning with hair color, so I can’t commit to anything expensive yet. Oh and my MAC pro palette has seen better days. Some of the shadows got nicked and were partially broken during the move back to Cali. The clasp on it is iffy as well and I need to do something about it. I’d take a picture, but you don’t want to see the aftermath!

Glam Trotter has some in-depth reviews and swatches and is definitely worth bookmarking and following. I found a review of hers for Revlon’s Lip Butters, which she says are a dupe (duplicate) for MAC Cremesheens, which for the record, I like. However, I really need lipstick like a hole in the head as the saying goes!

Here are some wonderful and inspiring photos of makeup ideas that I definitely want to try. Most every photo is repinned incessantly, which means that identifying details (other than the source) are usually omitted. This is a blessing and curse, but what I like to do is dig around my makeup “pantry” as I am now calling it and cook something up with what I’ve got. Use what you’ve got is my motto this year.

Ok, Pinterest, what’s up? As I’m typing this out, their site seems to have taken a hit. Boo! This happens frequently and I hope that it all works out. Ok, quick, it’s back, let me hurry and post these!!

Source: Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: Lisa on Pinterest


  1. Goddamn, those are some hot pics. I want to BE that eye makeup.

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