Link Love 2.10.12

Another week just flew by!

Do you want to bite off Karl Lagerfeld’s head for the recent comments he made about Adele? Now you can with these cake pops!

What SPF sunblock should I use? (Beauty Brains)

Mobile Device Detects if You’re Depressed (Mashable)

How to Get the Most Flattering Bangs (Allure/BellaSugar)

How do Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Work? (Beauty Brains)

Pat McGrath Answers all your Lipstick Questions (Fashionista)

Toothbrushes: when to replace them, where to keep them (WebMD)

Scientific Proof that Bad Hair Days are Bad for Your Health (Refinery 29)

Joan Rivers has gotten over 700 (!) Plastic Surgery Procedures (Beauty High)

I really do think that Fergie would look better with Charlize Theron’s eyebrows. (Total Beauty)

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