Love Will Tear Us Apart

Happy Valentine’s Day, you fiends, foes, friends, and foxies.

Here are some links for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year, really. I used to intensely dislike this holiday for a variety of very good reasons, but I’m leaning toward ambiguous to actually posting about it here.

Little Miss Coco and I are sitting here waiting for a special delivery package from Sephora, a gift for Valentine’s Day (that I’m going to base my next beauty video on). Think decadent, expensive and uniquely Dior.

Speaking of gifts, you want to go to Sugarpill Cosmetics today and tomorrow for their 2nd birthday sale. 20% off with code CAKE. Treat yourself or someone else to their gorgeous loose shadows and palettes.

From comedian John Fugelsang, a brother and sister get married. His parents. No, not like that. Think a monk and a nun. It’s a great love story told via Tweets.

YouTube Beauty: Top 10 Channels to Follow (Mashable)

When all else fails and you’re feeling bah humbug about V-Day, remember that Some Ecards is always around to cheer you up.

Happy 20th birthday to Weezer. I’ll get a little emotional here and say that I’m posting this particular song because it makes me immediately think of an old childhood friend named Christy. We lost touch over many years but worked together in the late 90′s and reconnected. “Say it ain’t so, your joke is a heartbreaker.” She OD’ed in 1999. RIP Christy, you were a good egg.

My friend Mo turned me on to this cover of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart and I’ve already watched it 3 times. How do they only have 160 views? Crazy. Let’s change that. They also cover The Cure’s Just Like Heaven and A Forest. I love Jeptha and the New People and you should, too.

Have a wonderful day. I’ll be preparing something that I’ve never prepared before, this recipe for Cocido aka Caldo de Res. It’s been soup weather here in the Bay for the past couple of days.

The first picture is from Pinterest. If you’re not on there yet, you should follow me.

I just came up with a new motto, to add to my witty repartee: think exquisitely. Always.


  1. Oh poo… the sugarpill sale is only on shadows, not on their lovely lashes. :-(

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