Link Love 2.17.12

It’s already the end of another week!

Look what came in the mail from my Valentine at the end of Valentine’s Day! Hooray for Dior Velvet Eyes and Paperself lashes! These were in addition to very lovely flowers. Who can resist bouquets and beauty?

The second pic is the one taken of my very first experiment with the top two stick on liners. I won’t lie, the learning curve with these is a little steep. I felt like a novice the first time that I ever applied false lashes, but I welcome the Dior challenge. Bring it on! Tony says that they make me look like an evil b*tch, which is a compliment, I think? I’ve always wanted to look like a Supervillainess!

Onto the links for this week.

What Size Am I? A Computer Programmer Answers This Question!

FDA Warning on 35 MILLION (!!) Electric Toothbrushes (Web MD)

How to tell the Percentage of Ingredients in Cosmetics (The Beauty Brains)

Did you know that up to 30% of consumer reviews may be fake? (Baby Cheapskate)

Who’s Making the Most Money Working at Fashion Week? (Refinery 29)

The 30 Best Beauty Looks at New York Fashion Week (New York Magazine)

Shop MAC Collection Reviews + Swatches. I love the looks of Dish It Up and Runway Red. (xSparkage)

Lessons about wigs and a life from a timeless bombshell, Raquel Welch (Slate)

Speaking of, here’s a YouTube video of her singing Bang, Bang. It’s far from good quality and she has no pants on! You still can’t miss the fact that she’s absolutely exquisite. One of my beauty icons.


  1. I love the silver mask look on New York Fashion Week, and the neon eyeshadow. A lot of the rest is pretty blah. Must have been garish outfits to necessitate such simple looks.

  2. virginia montes says:

    Wow, love your beautiful black-blue hair! I too love beauty, cosmetics, fashion and the arts..Not sure if this is the Lisa I know,,,we communicated a few yrs back re; our fam tree.
    You are truly beautitul!

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