Link Love 4.20.12

Here’s a video from Ardell lashes on how to apply strip lashes. It covers the basics.

It’s time for some links and some random thoughts.

It’s day two of daycare and I’m scrambling to work on different school projects. I found out that I have to tend to the Incomplete class that I left last year, lest I fail the class altogether. It’s a critical thinking and writing class and it’s not like I have time for two papers and a final on top of everything else, so we’ll see. I’m dreading it and have a lot of anxiety around it.

And I’m utterly annoyed that I missed two seemingly simple questions on my second computer science quiz! I managed to get the more difficult ones, though, and I guess that’s better than the reverse, no? A B is still good, though.

Truthfully, I am sitting here now sans makeup, but am going to remedy that before I have to go out into the world to face the day. The post office beckons with two packages and I need to go pick up Coco by 6pm. I’m sore from doing my Tracy Anderson workout yesterday.

This week it’s all about lashes. Pictures and links. There will be many more entries that focus on lashes.

Out of all the makeup products out there, I’m not sure that anything gives me quite the lift that I get from good mascara, false eyelashes, and an eyelash curler! Instant all-day glamour. I love lash extensions, too, but they are so hard to keep up with and I’m not known for sitting perfectly lifeless while they are applied!!

Here are some random lash pics from Pinterest! If you’re not following me there, what are you waiting for?

Max Factor Eye Talk

Mega Lashes

Feather Lashes

Lashes and sunglasses

How to Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

Drugmakers Eyelash Fight Reaches Congress (about Latisse)

I like NovaLash extensions, but they really proved to be too challenging to keep up with. Even if I had an unlimited budget and the time, I’m not sure that I would do so. Give me Latisse just as soon as I can use it again!

Have a wonderful weekend! It’s been SO SUNNY in the Bay Area, it’s time to bust out all of my giant sunglasses, if I can find them all.

Your comrade in beauty,

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