Link Love 5.11.12

Little Miss Coco and I have been traveling since last week and we are now in Fallon, NV. We started our journey in the Bay area on Saturday, renting a charming little Ford Fiesta (!) and then continuing onto Reno and then to Fallon.

I’m typing this on the Dell (pfffft!) that I am borrowing for my computer science class and there’s no Photoshop on here, so hello Paint! Talk to the hand, indeed.

Talk to the hand

During our stop in Reno, we met up with Coco’s great aunt and second cousin and their lovely cats! Coco hasn’t seen kitties since we moved away from Portland and it was definitely entertaining to say the least. If you have a chance, I highly recommend checking out the Lobster Buffet at Boomtown Casino. I don’t even want to confess to the amount of food that I have been eating on this trip! Just call me Oinkers from now on.

So here are some beauty and parenting related links for this week. There are going to be a few changes in the future after we get back next week. I haven’t updated very much because I’ve been thinking about where I want this site to go or not. Since motherhood takes up my time 24/7 even while Coco is sleeping, it’s hard to balance what I feel about the entire journey. I’ve been in this “beauty stuff is very shallow” phase. I can’t believe I think that while I’m actually wearing makeup, so maybe it’s the Gemini in me? Yeah, I’ll blame it on that. Anyhow, watch this space.

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