Link Love 5.25.12

So the little one is now a year old and we’ve been battling the baby flu. Poor kid, first official sickness.

I’ve been battling my studies and also my skill set. And frizzy hair, but we won’t talk about that for long. I seriously declare that I am certifiable for taking the course load that I’ve taken this semester. It’s taken time away from my fun site here and other life items that I am duly missing. I got 100% on my Computer Science test today, but I don’t want to rest on those laurels as my programming skills are lame.

I tried the OPI Axxium Gel Manicure with mixed results. My technician didn’t do a good job, as my right index finger is missing half the polish from chipping. It’s not even been a week, boo. I’ll try somewhere else though before I go back to the major chain salon, ugh.

I bought a bathing suit (!) at Old Navy (with cherries on it!) last weekend for under $13 in the clearance section. I wanted to use the hot tub at my complex, so there. No fun in the sun for this girl!

Speaking of sun, here are three easy ways to protect hair while swimming. (BellaSugar)

Did you know that May is Melanoma Month? Here are some helpful links and a mighty awesome infographic regarding sunscreen.

Five Things to Know About Sunscreen and Sun Care, Sunscreen, and New Labeling Requirements (Temptalia)

Phantom Cell Phone Vibration is a Sign that You Need a Tech Break (Lifehacker)

I had really weird dreams last night and one of them was about acquiring tons of Betsey Johnson goodies at over half off, including wall fixtures and other ephemera. I’m still sad that the stores are closing and all of that, but I honestly can’t remember the last time that I bought brand new Betsey Johnson clothes.

Random awesomeness on Pinterest. I’ve never been arrested, but I’m digging Donna Lethal’s mugshot style. We have two things in common though, we both lived in Minneapolis and have similar height/weight combos. She lives on in infamy with this mugshot.

I’m waiting for my new eyeshadow treat/early birthday present from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

So excited to mix this in with my existing pink and red repertoire.

My birthday’s coming up and I’ve got to figure out stuff, between needing to re-enter the job market and also manage school somehow. I don’t imagine that I’ll be going full-time, although I will finish my goals, that’s for sure.

Tony gave me a great compliment today, actually on the pic on the upper right that I’m using as my avatar here on this site. I quote: “You look glamorously inhuman in this picture. I love it!” I love the compliment, Tony.

Although I wouldn’t say that glamorously inhuman is my goal, at least consciously, I guess I want to look like I could kick butt in short notice if I needed to, a la Pris from Blade Runner or Wonder Woman or something. Never settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary, even if it’s in just experimenting with different makeup and hair colors. I’ve never understood the status quo of “caramel with blonde highlights woven in”. Perhaps I’m not meant to, and besides, other girls do that much better than I.

Your comrade in beauty and beyond,

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