The Challenges

In an ideal world that I would have like to have presented to you, this post was going to be titled ‘Year in Recap 2013′. In it, I would have presented fabulous pictures of glamorous revelry and smiles galore.

The reality is that life has been been overwhelming, maybe even kicking my a**, and I debated on what to reveal and what to conceal. How can I be honest without divulging too much?

This past year had been equal parts headache, growth, setbacks, epiphanies, and the daily struggle of being human, just like everyone else.

This past month has been something else. Last weekend found another medical thing to deal with/recover from, and it seemed that I couldn’t stop to take a deep breath.

I suspect the challenges aren’t over yet even though 2013 is over and done with. (Insert here, whatever you’d like to read about some cliche of onward and upward or “positive” or whatever. Something I’m “supposed” to say.)

Onto the real. This past week of doctor ordered time off (believe it or not, from yet another strange ailment) gave way to getting even more hours off as work couldn’t fit me in with special training that I’ll receive next week.

I managed to consolidate the slightly more predicable other health thing into one week long cornucopia of hazy and sick irritation.

The silver lining is that there was a promotion, which I am thankful for. A real and welcomed challenge.

Don’t get a Hyundai. Please, just don’t. Exhibit A: they crumple like brittle leaves. This is what occurred at under 20mph a few weeks ago.

F you, Hyundai

F you, Hyundai

I guess totaling it IS one way to get rid of a car you don’t like? See, I’m trying to infuse some humor to the situation. First and only Hyundai. One of my friends said, “Wow, this looks like it was in a Michael Bay movie.” OF MY LIFE. Ha.

I’ve been happy to have some distance from people for some time, specifically people from the past. However the world is such a small, tiny place. I am not quite sure how to deal with the reality that I bump into people unexpectedly, even when I’m being a hermit in my current charade as a Silicon Valley suburbanite.

I think of the saying “keep your head, heels, and standards high” and this will apply when I eventually bump into people that I never imagined seeing again. Out of all of the places on the planet for some people to go. Here I thought I was safer here, but the lesson keeps getting repeated for me. Zero control.

This is the one person that holds it all together. Wise beyond her years, she frequently says things like “Mommy, I’m going to take good care of you!” and “I love you, too. And three! And four!”

Coco Simone

Coco Simone

How do you tell that sweet face that she can’t have any more POCKY??!!!?

Since I’ve been stuck at home a lot of the time being sick, I’ve had tons of chances to read a lot and catch up with my Twilight Zone and AHS: Coven recordings.

I’ve been reading Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh and Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie.


Brain Pickings
Dangerous Minds
It Starts With Us

I leave this entry with an episode of the Twilight Zone that I just watched, and it’s called The Long Morrow. I’d never seen it before, and the episode, in true fashion, is sticking with me long after viewing it.

The chemistry between the actors is nearly palpable. You can feel their intense longing for one another as they prepare themselves for what they believe to be the inevitable.

Have a great weekend,

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