Hi there! I’m Lisa. Welcome to Put on a Little Makeup. I’m a recovering L.A. native now based in Silicon Valley.

This site is my outlet for things that I sell on eBay and etsy. It’s also where I juggle my passions for learning, reading, beauty, style, parenting, motorcycles, and technology.

LEARN AT EVERY TURN. That’s my life’s philosophy and so is “put on a little makeup”. It’s a lyric from an Adam Ant song. It’s not merely applicable to makeup, what about the masks that we wear and the uniforms that we put on as we juggle our various roles in life?

I really am on a mission to improve my life with everything that I learn, but I lost the manual when the road that I was on took several sharp turns.

This is one of my many before and after moments as I’m a chameleon. I can do it, so can you! It’s only hair and makeup at the end of the day, which means that you can wash it off or dye it if you need a clean slate.

Before and After

There was a woman that used to live near my elementary school. Her name is Susan Strauss aka “The Lava Lady” and this woman left a lasting impression.

I still think of her fondly after all of these years. Most kids were afraid of her and she lived in a stark and dramatic house that looked like black lava rocks. Her blush, platforms, and big, friendly smile peppered an already unusual neighborhood in Hollywood.

Susan Strauss

I didn’t expect that I’d be here at 40 with 1.5 kids (a toddler and one on the way in December 2014). How about those sharp turns that I mentioned earlier?

Best regards,

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Maybe I have a slightly unhealthy fixation with Pinterest as I’m going on over 8,000 pins with nearly 2000 followers. All that insomnia turned out to be useful for something.


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