The End of an Era

Tougher than Leather

The Beastie Boys are one of those bands that I always thought would be around forever and ever. Well, you know what I mean. Everything and everyone dies, but still. Adam Yauch (MCA, Nathaniel Hornblower, etc.) helped bring Tibet to younger kids (like me) with the Beastie Boys. Grand Royal was a great magazine and […]

Link Love 3.2.12

Max Factor Eye Talk

It’s that time again, time for some link love. Enjoy this vintage makeup tutorial. Cat Eyeliner Spring Makeup Trend (BellaSugar) Our Epic Guide to Drugstore Beauty (Refinery 29) Buy or Sell Forgotten Deals on CoupFlip (Mashable) How to Get Rid of Hard Water on Hair (The Beauty Brains) Three Easy Ways to Keep Mascara Off […]

Academy Award 2012 Looks

Rooney Mara Oscars 2012

I don’t have cable television so we watched the Oscars on Sunday night via streaming behind the scenes online. Another confession to make is that out of the nominees, I only saw the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris. There were other movies that intended to see, but it just didn’t happen with baby. […]

Link Love 2.24.2012


The incomparable Monica Bellucci is the latest face of Dolce and Gabbana makeup!! Another week! Oh dear. Shame on me for not giving you proper updates this week. School has been exhausting and I just got my classes for Spring 2012. It appears that I’m taking a diversion to my initial course of study. Here […]

Link Love 2.17.12

Dior Velvet Eyes 2

It’s already the end of another week! Look what came in the mail from my Valentine at the end of Valentine’s Day! Hooray for Dior Velvet Eyes and Paperself lashes! These were in addition to very lovely flowers. Who can resist bouquets and beauty? The second pic is the one taken of my very first […]

Link Love 2.3.12

2AM Pressed Eyeshadow

Here’s my first link love post for the site. Speaking of love, much love goes to Sugarpill for the shouts out yesterday on FB and Twitter! Like James Brown said, “I may not know karate, but I know ka-ray-zay.” And to think that I almost didn’t even post that video. Ok, without further interruption, here […]

Top Ways to Look Terrible, Part I

Gray Roots

Here goes, the first “top” list for this site. Here something that I’ve compiled after much thought and deliberation. My initial inspiration for this article was a month ago, after reading this article on Total Beauty. Lovely pic of Juliette Lewis, but maybe not so much for the Fergie? I still stand by what I […]