Cost Prohibitive in the SF Bay

11062756_847461325307171_2370186662826186954_nI’ve moved, from Silicon Valley to the East Bay. My theme song is now The Pet Shop Boys’ Suburbia.


So I don’t have the need to be close to the major search engine anymore, and it’s amazing what greedy people want to charge for questionable apartments on the Peninsula.

I think that this kitchen alone is almost as big as my last apartment in Palo Alto. You get way more bang for your buck in other places, although it’s still expensive, compared to most places.

Blah blah blah, Bay Area rents.

I’m still close enough distance-wise to things, although I sh*t you not, it took nearly two hours to travel 22 miles the other day.



I’ve been sick AGAIN for what feels like forever with the sonic death flu. Ugh, but at least my hair looks fabulous thanks to Nicole.

I think I’m growing it out and can’t commit to a hair color. Some things never change!

I’ll be posting some new reviews soon of some products. Once I can get my lighting rig setup, perhaps there will be a long needed tutorial or two.

Being sick means that I have the entire Samsonite collection under my eyes.

Nursing life. I successfully breast fed Coco and continue to do so with Lulu. Pregnancy really changes your body. I feel so different now but wouldn’t change a thing.

Lest that be a negative connotation, I’m proud that my body could produce two delightful daughters. Not everyone is a breeder, as they say, but to each his own.

I’ve been making a lot of progress with my book by using the Learn Scrivener Fast program thanks to Joseph Michael.

The appropriate title will come later.

My video shoot was this weekend, in S.F. Mom life and goth life collided in the same day and I think that end result will be great. I’ll link as soon the finished product is available!

Here are some pics I found on Pinterest for my makeup inspiration.


Here’s the result of some experimentation:  

I’m wearing an Erin Fetherston coat, All Saints dress, burlesque fishnets and patent leather Docs.

The following products were used for the makeup:
Melt Cosmetics lipstick in Bane

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter magnetic shadow stack

Kat Von D. Shade and Light Contour Palette

Nars Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation in shade Punjab

I adore the Tarte Cosmetics The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush for application of contour and highlighting products.

Most everyone can highlight and contour and pull it off without looking like J.Lo or the other one.

The key is in neutral and not warm shades, unless you’re really tan, and most everyone knows how I feel about that!



Week in Recap 1.23.15

What’s new, pussycat?

This is the reality of life with two children. Coco really wanted to take a picture of me holding a screaming, blurry Lulu.



She was born mid-December and weighed nearly 9 lbs.

I’ve been writing a lot lately, as I hope to finish my first book sometime soon. The definitive guide to buying pre-loved fashionable garments and reselling them for a tidy profit! Not sure about the title of the book yet.

Speaking of, here are some gems that I currently have listed on eBay.



Here’s a very strange find that I picked up in my travels.

It’s clearly a Moschino Cheap & Chic t-shirt dress, but with a twist!!

It has a McQ Alexander McQueen label sewn into it. WTF? I picked it up very reasonably and someone might be into it, right?



It’s been hard to focus on reading, much less updating this blog. Focus focus focus seems to elude me many days of the week. Someday isn’t a day of the week though, so I must work hard, no matter what.

Also, work has been calling and asking about my maternity leave situation. I don’t have definitive answers yet, and that’s all I can say badge no longer works.

Outfit of the day, from the other day. I’m slowly digging into pre-pregnancy clothing. Most of it fits, but what should I actually keep? I’m sad that this Helmut Lang skirt is slowly decaying. It’s silky and delicate and “catches” on everything. Ay yi yi! I’ll wear it until it falls off.


Time for another purging, which I’m also writing about for the book.

I’ll be listing some amazing finds over the weekend, more shoes, including a pair from Agent Provocateur.

You know what? I almost forgot that I’m a beauty professional! Crazy, but Allure Magazine contacted me about reviewing some new L’oreal anti-aging skin care. I see how it is, haha.

I’ll provide a review and details in a few weeks about it, so stay tuned. So far so good, as I’ve not broken out yet from it.

If you haven’t checked out the online resale site ThredUp, I implore you to do so. Click on this for a $10 credit if you haven’t already done so!

Pregnancy, My Way

Today I’m 37 weeks.

I’ve not done an in-depth here yet as I’ve been so occupied with the physical rigors of my job and in spending a lot of time with Coco until Lulu (working title) arrives. There’s hardly any time left and I’m just absolutely exhausted. And I got the flu last Thursday night.

Between that and the nearly 2 month bout of bronchitis that I had that overlapped August and September, I think that I’ve done my time being sick. OVER IT ALREADY.

I need a beauty change again and truly haven’t felt like myself since I dyed my hair back to “normal”. Yet I know better than to dye it during pregnancy as my hair just doesn’t take very well. I’m thinking something along the lines of my mermaid hair again.

I wrote this a week ago, in response to the Calvin Klein’s plus-sized model really wasn’t plus-sized controversy and I stand by it.

Most people in the world aren’t involved behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Seems there are a lot of factors here.

Many design houses aren’t catering to anything “average” (which I truly believe that many equate to “mediocre”) as it’s an appearance-oriented industry that has always had a great deal of elitism and exclusivity. Nothing’s fair exactly and whenever I don’t agree with something, like companies and their ethics/image, etc., I vote with something that I can control, my dollars.

I’ve been a size 0, I’ve been a size 10, have been miserable as well as happy while wearing both sizes.

I ultimately wish that things were easier for American women (and women in general). If you look outside of oneself for superficial validation, we’ll find that we’re always “too” ______ (you fill in the blank, be it fat, skinny, hairy, unhealthy, whatever).

Everyone could start a revolution if we just accepted ourselves in our own skin and strived to be our personal best without excesses in either spectrum. Unfortunately, easier said than done, right?

I don’t pour over the fashion mags like I once did. I know that the images aren’t exactly real and will teach my daughters that they’re manipulated pics and concepts that might fall under art or commercial media, and not reality.

Addendum: I still have multiple subscriptions to several magazines and happened to open my DECEMBER HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA~!!! issue of InStyle and it was mostly stupid ads and Taylor Swift. Cancel, please.

I’m exploring my options in regard to what’s going to happen when I return from maternity leave. My last day is on Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, with any spare time that I have, I’ve been pacing myself in learning Swift. I’m going to make an app, damnit, and learning Swift is the first step. Plus I remember some of my knowledge of Objective C and it’s helping.

These have helped me along the way with the pregnancy:

Angel Mama Earth Natural Stretch Oil

This product is so helpful for moisturizing. I didn’t get stretch marks on my belly from the last time as I’m generally prone to them around my hips and thigh and I attribute that to this oil. It smells very nice as well and isn’t too hippy dippy patchouli or obtrusive. Absorption is great and you can put clothes on immediately without worry.

Lush Therapy Massage Bar


Same idea with the moisturizing. From the Lush website: All of the essential oils in Therapy are certified organic too; neroli oil, with its fresh happy orange scent and re-assuring lavender oil combine into a euphoric fragrance. Let me go put some on right now.

Two facial skin products that I’ve been enjoying as of late are from Trader Joe’s of all places. After I read some reviews online, these seem to fit the bill for the requirements of temporary and economical.

As I’ve been trying to cut back on my last vice of caffeine, I’ve been drinking decent amounts of PG Tips Decaf. Yum.

Hidden mothers of the Victorian era is an interesting read: The clue is in the furnishings. That’s no ordinary pattered armchair, that’s the child’s mother in disguise.

I envision Coco, Lulu and I doing a shoot to replicate this photo:

I didn’t gain as much during this pregnancy as I did with Coco. I went from 125 to 160 with her and attribute my physical fitness during both pregnancies as a contributing factor.

This pregnancy with Lulu found me underweight at first and even with trashy snacks included, I just didn’t put it all on. There haven’t been very many cravings but I can smell everything all at once. My brain differentiates well between safe and yucky smells and I MISS SUSHI.

The trick for me with dressing during pregnancy is the kids section for jeans. Hear me out. Everything is so vanity-sized these days and a kids 14-16 at Target and elsewhere can mean a size or 5-10 (juniors and misses included). Kids jeans on sale can be under $10 and the best part is that they have ADJUSTABLE WAISTLINES, which you need during the expanding months ahead.

I did get a fancier pair from Motherhood Maternity but they’ve faded beyond belief and I still prefer the belly thing below my waist as it just feels like fugly and awkward control top pantyhose if you try to stretch it all the way up.

Two and a half months:

Four months:

Five months:

Six and a half months:

Eight, almost nine months:


Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset


This is more of a documentation for Lulu someday, and the days are ticking by. I’m restless and can’t wait to meet her.

For me, this was also a way to deal head on with my own image and body issues. Growing older has been challenging too, as I wish that my physical body could keep up with my mental acumen.

Here’s dearest daughter #1 and it’s indisputable that she’s inherited both the faux fur and drag queen genes from me!

I’ve read, reread, and re-reread this post: Sorry, But Your Problems Aren’t As Complicated As You Think

Two excerpts from it that are still resonating:

We think we need to find more time and do more research and learn more things and develop more willpower and find a better source of motivation, or that we need to wait until we can afford to pay someone to give us a detailed plan. We look at where we are right now and then we project ahead into the future and the path we mentally create between the two seems so overwhelming and confusing and filled with so much uncertainty that we get exhausted and quit before we even begin.

Are you willing to make better decisions? Your life is the sum total of your decisions, and everything you want starts with deciding to start. By procrastinating, you might think you’re putting off the decision, but what you’re really doing is deciding something else: you’re deciding to procrastinate. Everything you do is essentially a decision, and it’s time to make those decisions more consciously and more intentionally if you ever want to make the changes you say you want to make.

Have a great everything and maybe I’ll have another little one by the time this is updated again!

Mum’s The Word

I can’t really say this any better than I did on my other site, so here’s a repost from Find Your Nietzsche.

The title of this blog is aka She’s Having a Baby, which happens to be my favorite soundtrack from a John Hughes film.

Haunted When the Minutes Drag by Love and Rockets, Desire by Gene Loves Jezebel, You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet, Baby by The Smiths and This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush, it gives me some great memories of the late 80′s.

Random, but there’s nothing like my neighbor waking me up in the middle of the night (4am!) nearly scaring me to death a few moments ago. I’ll only be living here for a couple of more days, but I am in charge of the circuit breakers (mwahahaha, I have the power!) as they’re in my bedroom. One had just blown, the one that was directly connected to his TV. He gave me a cool $20 for my trouble and what can I say? I took it without question!

Between that happening and the illness that’s going on day 3 now, I decided to post about what’s been really going on with me lately. I’ve also been working two jobs and have been going to school for cosmetology. Busy busy bee. It’s been kind of slow around these parts and there’s been good reason for that.

To say that I’ve been stressed out about the future is an understatement. I am reluctant to say that it’s solely from being nearly 13 weeks pregnant, but I cannot deny the parallels.

Something else that I’ve been thinking about is that I miss L.A. a lot these days as the weather here in Portland is going to take a dramatic and dreadful turn this weekend. I’m not built for this climate, plain and simple. Nor am I built for the Fun! In! The! Sun! nearly 24/7 vibe of Southern California. Remember, this is from the native Angeleno that would wear long sleeves daily throughout summers when I worked in the Valley when it was 104. You won’t see any photos of me in the past with a farmer’s tan!

Back to the present.

This is an early ultrasound so they could date everything accordingly, as irregular isn’t just for some of the clothing in the (C)ross Dress for Less clearance section. My estimated due date is May 31, 2011. A WEEK BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY.


I’ve told a few people on FB and in real life about what’s been happening and I know that I can’t “hide” this for very long. I’d also thought about it as well, why I’ve been so reluctant to share. I’ve been experiencing the blues due to some life circumstances that haven’t gone my way. However, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to be pregnant, but it has been reawakening a lot of my old thoughts with disordered eating.

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been doing my utmost best to eat as healthily as I can, save for an occasional detour at the Cinnabon and Jamba Juice at the mall that I work in. I’ve been as low as 92 lbs. and and hovered around 165 lbs. for a brief moment some years ago. I’m in between both of those now and I admit that it’s weird to have no control of your body because of pregnancy.

In the eyes of others, I couldn’t see myself as being anything more than unattractive.


My other job, the one where I have to be all smiley and sexy time, well, the days are numbered there. Your boobs get a lot bigger when you’re pregnant.


It’s nice having tips for spending money but it’s been painfully, dreadfully slow. My friend Jason told me the other day that the service industry is down 40% from last year, so it’s really not me. It’s you, economy.

The cosmetology thing is happening because I like to master things that I’m curious about and have an aptitude in. After hair school and the baby, I want to study something else more scientific and/or charitable at my leisure. After I’m established in the field, I’ll perhaps take more computer classes. Special thanks to my dad as he helped me to procure this opportunity. I’m trying to finish the course before the baby arrives!

This will be a category on this site, Mum’s the Word. All is well health wise, save for being sick right now and not having immunity to rubella. The doctor said, “Don’t hang out with people with rashes/chicken pox/shingles, etc.”. WELL, THERE GOES MY SATURDAY NIGHTS!!!!!

What else? I’m addicted to that damn Words with Friends app for iPhone. If you want to play, my user name is junefontaine. I’m in the middle of something like a dozen games. The more the merrier!

OH! One last thing, and I know that this a sermon already, so sue me, but I’ll bet that you’ll find this as amusing as I do.

The medical establishment has taken to calling me “elderly gravida” and “high-risk” because of my advanced age. One foot in the grave already? I have so much more living to do, so screw you. Nobody believes me anyway when I tell them how old I am.

Shine on,