Hi! I’m Lisa Bronwyn and it’s nice to meet you. I’m originally from Los Angeles, now living in Silicon Valley. Right now I’m wondering how I made it this far!

My favorite life motto is “If it isn’t exquisite, get rid of it!”

This applies to everything from clothes to relationships. Try it, it works! Something that I ponder often is that I don’t read very many mommy or fashion blogs and I suppose that this space is a little bit of both.

I like to dress up and this is one of my very favorite dresses. Zac Posen for Target.


Once upon a time, I stepped onto an impossibly large stage while wearing this dress. There were around 1000 people and I was supposed to speak about something that I thought that I knew a lot about at the time.

What I didn’t know is that I was already a few weeks pregnant, but I knew for sure that I was scared shitless. My presentation at Ignite Seattle 11 didn’t go particularly well, and I’ll save that for a blog post here very soon. Click on the BLOG section above for more musings.

I love getting things in the mail like postcards, makeup, and books. The best way for me to absorb a book is through an audiobook, but nothing will replace the smell of old books and vinyl.

I used to be a DJ but it’s hard to say that I used to be because I still have dreams about it.


More in the ABOUT page.

I’ve been selling on eBay since 1998 and I’ve branched out to etsy, Instagram, and beyond. Click on EBAY to see my most current auctions.

Currently I’m writing a book and am raising two lovely little girls.

This DVD cover is yet another claim to fame! I wasn’t in any of the movies, but it’s hard to resist when I’m TOO HOT FOR HELL, right?