My Crush with Eyel..

Mac Fluidline Blacktrack

I am smitten I’m the real thing (I’m the real thing) Have you seen her come around? My crush with eyeliner If I had to say that I had a crush on anything right now, it would be with eyeliner. Maybe not a crush, but a deep, deep intense like. More than a Facebook like, […]

Top Ways to Look T..

Gray Roots

Here goes, the first “top” list for this site. Here something that I’ve compiled after much thought and deliberation. My initial inspiration for this article was a month ago, after reading this article on Total Beauty. Lovely pic of Juliette Lewis, but maybe not so much for the Fergie? I still stand by what I […]

If it isn’t ..


Out with the old and in with the new, or so they say. I’ve given up all of my buts, shouldn’ts, must not do’s, and general fear about committing to a new project. This site has been in the works for some time. I’ve been on the net for an eternity now. My previous sites […]