Link Love 5.25.12

Coco is out of it

So the little one is now a year old and we’ve been battling the baby flu. Poor kid, first official sickness. She looks so out of it here. I’ve been battling my studies and also my skill set. And frizzy hair, but we won’t talk about that for long. I seriously declare that I am […]

Link Love 5.11.12

Talk to the hand

Little Miss Coco and I have been traveling since last week and we are now in Fallon, NV. We started our journey in the Bay area on Saturday, renting a charming little Ford Fiesta (!) and then continuing onto Reno and then to Fallon. I’m typing this on the Dell (pfffft!) that I am borrowing […]

I’m Back


Look at Cate Blanchett! I love that Intelligent Life used a picture of her that’s more akin to what she really looks like vs. her ads for SKII. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that Cate looks great in her ads. In both pictures, you’ll still notice the lovely quality of her skin. Excellent, […]

Link Love 2.10.12

Karl Pop

Another week just flew by! Do you want to bite off Karl Lagerfeld’s head for the recent comments he made about Adele? Now you can with these cake pops! What SPF sunblock should I use? (Beauty Brains) Mobile Device Detects if You’re Depressed (Mashable) How to Get the Most Flattering Bangs (Allure/BellaSugar) How do Sally […]

Photoshop ‘Til You Drop


I’ve got a few links to share about this topic, some old, some new. For the longest time, I think that one of the reasons that I avoided doing a “full-time” beauty blog was that I was pretty insecure about it. Who am *I* in the grand scheme of anything, of the thousands (maybe millions […]