The Week Ending 2.27.15


I love my new glasses! They remind me of a pair of Tom Fords that I was coveting. However, since they were under $100, they are much more friendly to the pocketbook.

They’re the Derek Cardigan 7005 style in black from However, they are currently sold out.

Mom life. We’ve been sick for a couple of weeks and hopefully it goes away soon.


Did you know that there are Diana Vreeland fragrances? I’m so curious about these, but I need a new fragrance like a hole in the head, as the saying goes.


Which one(s) are you curious about? On paper, I’m partial to Extravagance Russe and Simply Divine.

In other beauty related news, this brush will change your life! It’s been awhile since I’ve been thoroughly impressed by a makeup brush. This one delivers!

Enter one of the latest brushes from Sephora. This beauty is the Sephora Pro Airbrush Blender #78, exclusive to Sephora. At $38, it’s not cheap, but is what I consider a sound investment.

The claim is that there are at least 100,000 synthetic hairs to this brush. I didn’t need to use my fingers or BeautyBlender once! Impressive. I appreciated the versatility in application.

I put many drops of foundation on the back of my hand and then went for it with this brush. It was easy to apply, whether I used broad sweeps or rolled the foundation around. It’s got a soft tapering tip at the end so it’s really easy to do detailed work around your nose and mouth.


I’d had the opportunity to work with the Nars Sheer Glow foundation on a photo shoot at the beginning of the month and was very impressed! The lowdown is that it’s not sheer and I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly glow-y. It’s intended for normal to drier skin types but hasn’t made my combo to oily skin break out.


The Sephora Pantone Color ID has matched me to both shades 2Y07 and 3Y07. The shade “Punjab” was recommended to me in the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I procured a deluxe sample of this foundation as I need another foundation like I need another hole…but this one is really worth a try if you want to look natural and luminous.

For me, the only con to this foundation is the bottle! There’s no pump, so it just pours out. The top is super flimsy and easy to break. It would be much more sanitary with a pump, so get it together, Nars!

KarlaSugar has a great in-depth post on her site about this foundation, complete with swatches, too.

Recent thrift score!




Vintage Norma Kamali plaid 2 piece outfit for $9.99 at Goodwill. The plaid reminds me of Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen. Kamali has been one of my favorites since the 1970’s. This one will remain in my personal wardrobe and I’m not quite sure how I’ll fit into it!