Cost Prohibitive in the SF Bay

11062756_847461325307171_2370186662826186954_nI’ve moved, from Silicon Valley to the East Bay. My theme song is now The Pet Shop Boys’ Suburbia.


So I don’t have the need to be close to the major search engine anymore, and it’s amazing what greedy people want to charge for questionable apartments on the Peninsula.

I think that this kitchen alone is almost as big as my last apartment in Palo Alto. You get way more bang for your buck in other places, although it’s still expensive, compared to most places.

Blah blah blah, Bay Area rents.

I’m still close enough distance-wise to things, although I sh*t you not, it took nearly two hours to travel 22 miles the other day.



I’ve been sick AGAIN for what feels like forever with the sonic death flu. Ugh, but at least my hair looks fabulous thanks to Nicole.

I think I’m growing it out and can’t commit to a hair color. Some things never change!

I’ll be posting some new reviews soon of some products. Once I can get my lighting rig setup, perhaps there will be a long needed tutorial or two.

Being sick means that I have the entire Samsonite collection under my eyes.

Nursing life. I successfully breast fed Coco and continue to do so with Lulu. Pregnancy really changes your body. I feel so different now but wouldn’t change a thing.

Lest that be a negative connotation, I’m proud that my body could produce two delightful daughters. Not everyone is a breeder, as they say, but to each his own.

I’ve been making a lot of progress with my book by using the Learn Scrivener Fast program thanks to Joseph Michael.

The appropriate title will come later.

My video shoot was this weekend, in S.F. Mom life and goth life collided in the same day and I think that end result will be great. I’ll link as soon the finished product is available!

Here are some pics I found on Pinterest for my makeup inspiration.


Here’s the result of some experimentation:  

I’m wearing an Erin Fetherston coat, All Saints dress, burlesque fishnets and patent leather Docs.

The following products were used for the makeup:
Melt Cosmetics lipstick in Bane

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter magnetic shadow stack

Kat Von D. Shade and Light Contour Palette

Nars Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation in shade Punjab

I adore the Tarte Cosmetics The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush for application of contour and highlighting products.

Most everyone can highlight and contour and pull it off without looking like J.Lo or the other one.

The key is in neutral and not warm shades, unless you’re really tan, and most everyone knows how I feel about that!