Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

We had some much needed rain in the Bay Area Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Photo: San Jose, CA from Contra Costa Times

Fridays are my days off as of late. I’m SO glad that I have today and tomorrow off. If I had to sum up my work week with a movie title, it’d have to be this one. However, I rose to some unique challenges and hideous blunders with grace and aplomb, so at least there’s that.

I’m so delighted to be going on a little field trip today to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum! I bet you didn’t know that I was obsessed with studying Egyptology in my adolescence and to think that this isn’t terribly far away.

Photo: Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Have you joined Ello yet?

Links about this pretty, buggy, pretty buggy ad-free social network.

Ello Is There Anybody Out There

Meet Ello, The Social Network That Dislikes Advertising

Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens

This is the pin that I pinned on Pinterest over a couple of years ago and the stats are interesting.

As of right now, it has 2307 repins and 296 likes. Not the biggest ripple in terms of the internet, but still. I think that it was featured on the “popular” board or something. I turned off my email notifications because it was out of control.

I wonder how many of these sofas are still available, anyway.

These are going to be my first foray into Frye boots, the Phillip Tall Harness. I’m tired of cheap sh*t that doesn’t last and need a good pair of boots to kick around in.